City Council to Consider Ad Hoc Diversity Committee’s Report on June 18

Just a last reminder that the City Council will consider the recommendations put together by City staff in response to the Ad Hoc Diversity Committee’s Report TONIGHT. The work session is at 5 — where we can hear what Council members and staff think about things and the regular meeting — where decisions are made and the public can give input — starts at 7. We will gather at 6:30 (between the 2 meetings) to talk a little more about what points we want to make and see who all might like to speak. Just having your presence there is also very important so come even if you don’t want to speak. We will have Coalition badges for people to wear.

The general consensus is the City Staff recommendations are another indication that they don’t understand the meaning of racial disparity and the importance of this issue for the whole community. And that they didn’t understand the real substance and perspective of the Ad Hoc Committee Report. Their response really is quite similar to the power point the police chief gave to us 2+ years ago — mostly outlining their accomplishments. So this is a crucial time for us to stand up and say there’s a problem in Iowa City and we need to learn about it and address it much differently than we have been. so do come and show your support!


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