2013 Coralville City Council Candidates Racial Equity Survey

In October of 2013, we completed the Racial Equity Survey report of City Council Candidates in Iowa City. Each candidate was asked the following four questions.   Click here for the full report in PDF format.

  1. With regard to your city government’s staffing and policies, what would you say is the most important information or message contained in the Coalition for Racial Justice’s Report ― “Racial Equity in Iowa City and Johnson County”?
  2. What are your views about the relationship between the Iowa City Community School District and your city’s government, especially with regard to the District’s Diversity Policy and Facilities Master Plan and your city’s policies concerning housing and zoning? Do you think the District and your city’s government can and should collaborate to provide lower income residents with better access to quality education and housing, and, if so, how?
  3. Very few African-Americans or Hispanics are employed by city governments in the Johnson County area. What percent of your city government’s employees and elected officials are African-American or Hispanic? Do you think those percentages are just about right, or, if not, what do you think should be done to increase them?
  4. Housing markets are regional in scale, but city governments decide how land should be used within their city limits. Do you think Coralville should collaborate with other city governments to ensure that new housing for low-to-moderate income households is dispersed fairly throughout the Iowa City/Coralville region? Please explain your answer.

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