Joining together to promote racial justice through action, education and empowerment.


  • Exposing the systemic racism present in our local institutions to enact change in current policies and practices towards equity.
  • Bringing community voices front and center to impact local issues affecting our lives.
  • Increasing the ability of community leaders – white and people of color – to identify racism and intervene effectively on individual and systemic levels.
  • Mobilizing concerned members of the community to impact real-time racial incidents as they occur in our community.
  • Building authentic multiracial community through a commitment to mutual care and respect.

Coalition Guiding Principles:

The Coalition focuses its efforts on issues and campaigns that:

  • Are widely and deeply felt by people of color in our local communities.
  • Designed to make a real and lasting difference in people’s lives.
  • Improve local institutions’ and organizations’ ability to promote racial justice.
  • Build racial justice leadership of people of color and White allies in the community.