Website Journal

Summary. This page is for documenting changes and updates to the website. It’s not available as a menu item, but can be viewed publicly by those who know the page exists.

Future Website Updates. The following are possible future updates for the website.

  • Donations. It’s fairly easy to setup a PayPal account for donations. Then a button could be added to the site.
  • Heading Graphic. The header graphic of the website is fairly plain. It may be possible to create something more attractive.
  • MailChimp. The MailChimp service offers free email newsletter distribution for smaller lists. It might be desireable to setup a newsletter mailing list.
  • Twitter. Some people really like Twitter as a means for following news. There’s an automated system that allows new posts to be automatically announced on a connected Twitter account. This could be done in the future.

Website Journal. Below is a listing of the changes and updates to the website with the most recent at the top.

26 July 2013. Below are the changes and updates for today.

  • Search. A search box was added to the top right column so people can quickly find content on the site.
  • News Feed. A summary of recent post titles is now shown at the top of the right column.
  • News Coverage. Three local news stories were added to the news feed – two from the Daily Iowan and one from KCRG.
  • Moment of Mourning Video. A short video from the Moment of Mourning event was added to the home page.

24 July 2013. Below are the changes and updates for today.

  • Contact. The email and Facebook group page were added to the Contact page.
  • Equity Report Summary. A revised version of the Equity Report summary was uploaded as PDF and also pasted to the post about the report.
  • StatCounter. A StatCounter account was established to help generate reports that show website visit statistics.
  • Next Meeting. A post announcement was created for the next meeting. This can be used as a template for future posts. When creating a new post, under the Writing Helper heading, it’s possible to duplicate a previous post. This saves time. Then all that needs to be changed are a few of the details.
  • Logo and Graphic. A new logo and graphic were created that can be included when promoting posts in social networks that look for graphics to use and embed. A sample can be found at the bottom of the meeting event posting. This logo can also be used on other websites as a link that directs people to the CRJ website.
  • Website Journal. The Website Journal page was created as a place to document changes and additions to the site.

23 July 2013. Below is a graphic showing the website visitors and page views for July 23. The press conference and media coverage helped to get the word out about the Equity Report.